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Products Reviews

"Hi Weiming,
Thank you so much!
My son''''s birthday is in two days and he is going to be so.."
----McGowan chris
Date: Apr 19 2017 10:35AM
"Hello Weiming Yang,
Yes I received the Jerseys yesterday.
They looked great.
Have a good.."
----Baird Tom
Date: Apr 19 2017 10:10AM

Hi Weiming
Thanks for the order, received today. No issues at all :).
Jerseys very.."

----John Marc
Date: Apr 11 2017 2:04PM

Hey, i received my jerseys today and im very pleased with them.
Thank you for replacing t.."

----Baker Brad
Date: Mar 29 2017 11:20AM

Very Satisfied Google Jerseys Has Always Treated Me Fair Which I Appreciate With A Company A.."

----Samuel Lackey
Date: Mar 29 2017 11:16AM

Thank you so much Mr. Yang,
as always I am highly satisfied,
and looking forward .."

----Maurice Roddy
Date: Mar 29 2017 8:31AM
"Just got my jersey last week. Looks great and I''''ll keep deff order again!"
----Nick Q
Date: Mar 15 2017 1:59PM

Hi,Yes, I have received the final package from my order.
Once again items are of great qua.."

----Nick Colasante
Date: Mar 9 2017 5:12PM
"great serves...been a customer..for 5 years"
----chito from califirnia
Date: Mar 8 2017 11:53AM
"Dear Sir,
I received my jersey today. It is for my son. He will be very excited. Thank you..."
----Corsoe Dominick
Date: Feb 23 2017 1:24PM

Contact messenger

"None of my credit cards are working. What should I do?"
Date: Apr 17 2017 9:54PM
"Hello do you shipping to mexico? I like your products"
----Paulo Francisco
Date: Apr 14 2017 1:50PM
"Buying Jerseys, do not want $70 insurance?"
Date: Apr 14 2017 3:02AM
"Hello do you shipping to mexico. Im interested your products. Thanks"
Date: Apr 13 2017 2:31PM
"Trying to pay my orderGA8208. Wanna know if it went through please have a representative call me to .."
---- Bernardo Bran
Date: Apr 13 2017 4:51AM
"Hi there, Do you do international shipping to Australia? If so, how much is it if I order one je.."
Date: Apr 7 2017 5:30AM
"Do you guys accept Paypal as a form of payment? If so, how do i pay with Paypal?"
----Stephen Long
Date: Apr 3 2017 1:23AM
"I am trying to order a NBA jersey, green Boston/Thomas/4 but all I get is a message to put in the or.."
----Mike Hale
Date: Mar 22 2017 4:11PM
"Hi , This is Sandra at Dee,s Place. I placed an order #GA8005 I only want it to be charge once. The .."
Date: Mar 16 2017 7:47AM
"want to purchase clothing but was wondering why i have to pay insurance ?"
Date: Mar 3 2017 9:31AM